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SIMH (KS2020 emulator) Setup

Part of the TYMCOM-X project.

See also the TYMCOM-X Startup and Status pages.

Initial set up

Install simh-pdp10

Do the above for each system you test on (Linux, Cygwin, FreeBSD, NetBSD, etc). Make pdp10 a one-line executable file

exec $0.`uname -s` "$@"

so that emulators for multiple systems can be kept in a single replicated directory.

Do the steps below only once.

Create tops10.ini files

Create tops10.ini with:

; SIMH Configuration for TOPS-10
set dz 8
set tim y2k
att rp0 dskb.dsk
att rp1 dskc.dsk
att lp20 printer.out
att tu0 scratch.tape
att -am dz 2020
set cpu tops10
set cpu idle
boot rp

Use “./pdp10 tops10.ini” to start TOPS-10.

Running TOPS-10

TOPS-10 will automatically get the date and time from the emulator

Linux% ./pdp10 tops10.ini
PDP-10 simulator V4.0-0 Beta        git commit id: 7ed68aed
Listening on port 2020
Modem control activated
Auto disconnect activated
BOOT V3(47)

[Loading from DSKB:SYSTEM.EXE[1,4]]

VNW 10-14-99
Why reload: opr

Startup option: go
[Rebuilding the system search list from the HOMe blocks]
[Rebuilding the active swapping list from the HOMe blocks]
[Rebuilding the system dump list from the HOMe blocks]

VNW 23:51:57 CTY system 4097
Connected to Node (0) Line # 12
Welcome to TOPS-10 7.03
Steuben Technologies Distribution Revision 1.4
.LOGIN 1,2
[OPRPAF Processing auto command file]
%%TTY STOMPER - Starting

Connect via “telnet localhost 2020”.

.login public
.make m33.sfd

The files dskb.dsk and dskc.dsk are very important. I back them up every four hours using rsnapshot.

Obtain the monitor sources and three executable binaries

These files exist as “TITO save sets” stored on 4mm DAT tapes copied from 6250 bpi and 1600 bpi backup tapes. Some of the files have been restored to a restricted LCM machine. One file was corrupted and had to be restored from a different tape.

Copy files to local Linux box

Use KERMIT on a Linux box to login via telnet to the original TOAD-1, it has files in TYMNOT:<169*>.

Linux% cd ~jms/pdp10/m33
Linux% kermit
C-Kermit> ssh the-machine-with-sources
@LOGIN jms password
@COPY <169267.F0>MACRO.SHR  <JMS>
@COPY <169267.F0>TITO.SAV   <JMS>
@COPY <169267.F0>*.CMD      <JMS>
@COPY <169267.F0>*.MAC      <JMS>
C-Kermit> get *.*
C=Kermit> bye

Copy files to TOPS-10 emulator

The PDP10 emulator running TOPS-10 should already be running.

This step is very slow. Average is around 40 cps (characters per second).

C-Kermit> telnet localhost 2020
.login pubic/path:[,,m33]
.r kermit
KERMIT10> server

Control-\ c to get back to originating kermit

C-Kermit> send *.*
C-Kermit> bye
C-Kermit> exit

[Sometimes this fails with error message “?KERMIT10> ”. That is, no details on the error.]

Creation of ''tito.tape'' - using GET/SAVE and COPY

[CCPWFD Waiting for file daemon to start]
%%TTY STOMPER - Starting
.r opr

Use “telnet localhost 2020” to connect to the PDP10 emulator running TOPS-10

Enter the mount command on the telnet session.

.login public/path:[,,m33]
.mount tape mta /reelid:tito1/label:none/write 
[Mount request TAPE queued, request #7]

Back at OPR>

19:58:16          -- Magtape mount request #7 --
              User: PUBLIC [42,42] Job #3
              Volume-set name: TAPE
              Volume-ID   Write   Labels  Track  Density
              ---------  -------  ------  -----  -------
              TITO1      Enabled  No        9    1600
sim>att tu0 tito-save.tape
20:01:50        Device MTA000  -- Unlabeled volume mounted --
              Density 1600 BPI, write-Enabled
OPR>identIFY (device) mta0: (with) reqUEST-ID 7

Back at telnet job:

[Magtape TITO1 mounted on MTA000 with logical name MTA]
.set density mta 1600
.get tito.sav
Job set up
.save mta:tito.sav
.save mta:tito.sav
.save mta:tito.sav
.unload mta

Back at OPR

sim>att tu0 tito-copy.tape
20:05:07        Device MTA000  -- Invalid request - drive is assigned by job 3

Back at telnet job

.copy mta:tito.sav=tito.sav
.copy mta:tito.sav=tito.sav
.copy mta:tito.sav=tito.sav
.unload mta
.deassign mta

End of setup

Continue with the TYMCOM-X Startup page.

Other pages

Overview page, SIMH Setup page, TYMCOM-X Startup page, TITO on disk page, Status page.

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