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Emulators for ITS

ITS can run on the following PDP-10 emulators:

  • SIMH KS10 “pdp10” - Plain KS10 with RP06 disk packs and Chaosnet.
  • SIMH KA10 “pdp10-ka” - KA10 processor with:
    • Type 340 vector display.
    • Slave PDP-6 processor.
    • 10-11 interface for attached PDP-11 processors.
    • IMP networking.
    • Chaosnet.
  • SIMH KL10 “pdp10-kl” - KL10 processor with RP04 disk packs.
  • SIMH KS10 “pdp10-ks” - KS10 processor with RP06, IMP networking, Chaosnet.
  • KLH10 - KS10 processor, IMP networking, Chaosnet.

Emulators that can be used with ITS:

  • Angelo Papenhoff's PDP-6 simulator.can attach to KA10.
  • Angelo's TV-11 is a PDP-11 emulator with Knight TV support. See its_managing_tv11.
  • Angelo's tvcon emulates a Knight TV console.
  • Lars Brinkhoff's CRT simulator can display a 340 or color scope.
  • Lars Brinkhoff's General Turtle 2500 emulator in SIMH.
  • Angelo's Datapoint 3300 and VT52 terminal emulators.
  • Rene Richarz' Tektronix 4010 emulator.
  • SIMH PDP-11 can emulate a GT40. See its_using_gt40.
  • Josh Dersch's sImlac for Imlac PDS-1 and PDS-4 emulation. See its_imlac.
  • Lars Brinkhoff's SIMH Imlac for Imlac PDS-1.
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