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ITS console panel functions

If you are lucky to run ITS on a

  • real KA10,
  • PiDP-10,
  • KL10 with KL-UDGE board, or
  • emulator with Panda Display board

You will have some lights and switches. In addition to the normal functions, ITS has some more:

The memory indicator lights show which job is running. This can be disabled by setting MIPGDS to -1. To control the lights from a user program, use .IOTLSR to enable IOT user mode and write to the lights register with DATAO PI,AC.

Data switch 0 will make ITS go to NTS DDT. This is very useful to set breakpoints etc, for debugging ITS. Switches can be read from a user program with DATAI APR,AC.

On the PDP-6, the memory indicator lights are connected to speakers.

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