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HUNT THE WUMPUS is a game written by Gregory Yob in 1973. You play the HUNTER in dodecahedron cave to slay the WUMPUS. You can MOVE to a connected room or SHOOT into it. When moving avoid BOTTOMLESS PITS and BATS. You will be able to FEEL A DRAFT, hear BATS NEAR BY and/or SMELL the WUMPUS so think carefully before you MOVE or SHOOT.


        Toad-2 at Living Computers: Museum + Labs, TOPS-20 Monitor 7(110131)-1
    Welcome to the Toad-2 System running TOPS-20 at Living Computers!
    Password: unguessablewords
     Job 27 on TTY30 13-Apr-2020  7:12PM
     Previous LOGIN: 13-Apr-2020  5:40PM
     End of COMAND.CMD.1      
    Directions? (Y or N) y
     You are a famous hunter descending down into the caves of darkness,
    lair of the famous man-eating wumpus.  You are equiped with five
    bent arrows, and all your senses.  There are twenty caves connected
    by tunnels, and there are two other kinds of hazards (three each):
       a) Super-bats which if you stumble into their room will pick
          you up and drop you in some random room in the network.
       b) Pits, which are bottomless, and fatal to fall into.
    Both are immovable.
         If you end up in the same room as the wumpus, you lose.
    Normally the wumpus does not move (having gorged himself upon a
    previous hunter).  Two things wake him up:
       1) Walking into his room,
       2) Shooting an arrow anywhere in the network.
         If he wakes there is a 50-50 chance he will be offended by
    the intrusion and leave in disgust.  If he is really riled he
    will eat you.  He is too big to be picked up by bats, and has
    sucker feet, so he doesn't fall into the pits.
         You can smell the wumpus from one or two rooms away.  You
    can hear bats one room away, and feel drafts (from bottomless
    pits) from one room away (and taste the fear...).
         To shoot type S (with no carriage return) instead of a
    move, and then specify a legal path of five caves for the
    arrow to follow.  If you guess and lose the arrow takes a
    random path.  Paths can be truncated by typing carriage return
    instead of a room number.
           Good luck hunting!!
    Here's the famous Wumpus hunter Major NOACCOUNT
    descending into the "Caves of Darkness", lair of the
    deadly man-eating Wumpus.
    You are in room 6
    I smell a Wumpus.
    I hear squeeking.
    I feel a draft.
    Tunnels to 7 3 5
    Move? 7
    You are in room 7
    You fell into a pit.  You lose!
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