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WANDERER by Steven Shipway, Warwick University 1988

Wanderer is a text puzzle game which uses VI keys to navigate a cave with multiple hazards. The object is to gather up treasure by strategically pushing boulders and avoiding hazards. Once all treasure is recovered from a level, find the WAY OUT to advance.


The Start WAY OUT


ssh and type 'wanderer'

The original help file:

          **  W A N D E R E R  **                   
            by Steven Shipway          
    How to play:                                    
     Collect all the treasure:    /$\  
     Then go through the exit:    Way               
     Default keys are:            out  
      h  Left       j  Down            
      k  Up         l  Right           
      1  Loud       q  Quit game       
      0  Quiet      !  Look at map     
      S  Save game  R  Restore Game    
      ?  Enter help mode               
      ~  Jump to next level            
         (does not receive level bonus)              
    This is you:  You are a spider.                 
          o       (At least, that's                         
         <|>      what you look like)  
    The other items you will find are: 
      ###     -=-                                   
      ### and =-=    Solid rock        
      <O>   Time capsule (5 points,    
            +250 extra moves)          
      . .   Passable earth (one point) 
     (*)   Teleport  (50 points for    
     (*)              using it)                     
      /^\   Boulder (falls down, other              
      \_/   boulders and arrows fall                        
            off of it)                 
      <--     -->  Arrows              
      <-- and -->  (run left and right)
      TTT   Cage - holds baby monsters 
      III   and changes into diamonds
      /$\    (10 points)               
      \$/    Money  (collect it)
      -o-  Baby monster (kills you)
    When a baby monster hits a cage it              
    is captured and you get 50 points.                      
    The cage also becomes a diamond.   
     !!! and  I  Instant annihilation  
     !!!      o
     \_       _/   Slopes (boulders    
       \ and /     and etc slide off)
     }o{  Monster  (eats you up whole. 
     /^\  Yum Yum yum..) (100 points)
          (kill with a rock or arrow)
     Way  Exit -- Must Collect all the
     out  treasure first. (250 bonus)
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