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UNIX Command Reference

The command prompt in UNIX is called the shell. Here is a list of common UNIX commands which will work across many different versions of UNIX with discrepancies in Example/Notes.

asASsembleras input.s
ccC Compilercc input.c
cdChange working Directorycd tmpon Version 6 this command is chdir
dfDisk FreedfMay take time to complete on some systems
edEDitored filenameED is the standard (line) text editor
echoEchoecho ${HOME}Prints the value assigned to the variable HOME
envENVironment settingsenvDisplays the shell environment settings (see set))
ldLink Loaderld inputfile
lsLiSt directoryls -lprovides a long LiSting
manMANualman manOn some systems, displays online manual pages
psProcess Statusps -a or ps -lprints All or Long Process Status
pwdPresent Working DirectorypwdPrints the working directory
setSETtingsetDisplays the shell environment settings (see env)
viVIsual editorvi filenamevi is a screen editor

On some systems typing games will print a list of games.

/This is the top level or root directory
/bincommon user programs are here (type echo ${PATH} to see more
/etcThis is the system directory
/libSystem library files
/usrUSeR directory - contains additional binaries, libraries, manpages
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