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TOPS-10 Survival Guide


TOPS-10 was an operating system for Digital Equipment Corporation's PDP-10 family of mainframe computers (including the DECsystem-10 and DECSYSTEM-20 product lines). TOPS-10 was first released in 1970 and the last release was in 1988.

LCM+L currently has two TOPS-10 systems available on-line:

Host Model/Processor Operating system
dec-10 DECSYSTEM-2065 / KL10 TOPS-10 version 7.04
ki587 DECsystem-1090 / KI10 TOPS-10 version 6.3

[System description, unique features, command input, hotkeys, etc.]

1. Apply a user account
2. Connect to the system

Command Summary

Command Syntax
3. LOGIN - Log-in to your account LOGIN <PPN>
4. PASSWOrd - Change your password PASSWO
Not available in version 6.3.
5. KJOB - Log-out from your account KJOB
In version 6.3, KJOB prompts
6. MAKE - Create a new file
7. TECO - Edit an old file
8. DIRECT - List your files
9. TYPE - Show file contents
10. COPY - Copy files

Syntax: COPY <new file>=<old file>

11. RENAME - Rename files
12. DELETE - Delete files
13. EXECUT - Compile and run your program
14. BASIC - Run BASIC interpreter
15. MAIL - Send a message to another user
16. Other commands
17. Learn more
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