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TEMPLATE Survival Guide

[NOTE TO CONTRIBUTORS: This page is intended as a template for survival guides for the various on-line systems available at LCM+L. This page should not be linked from other wiki pages. Instead, it's contents may be copied to initialize new survival guide pages in the wiki. Recommended page name format: <system>_survival_guide .]

0. Introduction

[System description, unique features, command input, hotkeys, etc.]

1. Apply a user account
2. Connect to the system
3. Log-in to your account
4. Change your password
5. Log-out from your account
6. Create a new file
7. Edit an old file
8. List your files
9. Show file contents
10. Delete files
11. Rename files
12. Compile and run your program
13. Run BASIC interpreter
14. Send a message to another user
15. Other commands
16. Learn more
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