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 |[[HAUNT]] |1979|Adventure|[[XKL TOAD-2]]| |[[HAUNT]] |1979|Adventure|[[XKL TOAD-2]]|
 |[[MANHUNT]]| 1980s|Puzzle|[[XKL TOAD-2]]| |[[MANHUNT]]| 1980s|Puzzle|[[XKL TOAD-2]]|
-|[[lander]]| 1989|Action|[[AT&​T_3B2 1000-70]]|+|[[lander]]| 1989|Action|[[AT&​T 3B2 1000-70]]|
 |[[mazewar]] |1988 |Shooter |[[AT&T 3B2 1000-70]]| |[[mazewar]] |1988 |Shooter |[[AT&T 3B2 1000-70]]|
 |[[mdg]] |1990 |Adventure |[[AT&T 3B2 1000-70]]| |[[mdg]] |1990 |Adventure |[[AT&T 3B2 1000-70]]|
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