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Rogue is an ASCII text 2D adventure game which uses VI keys and additional commands. It inspired many rogue-like clones such as hack and nethack. It is available on the VAX-11/780-5


 ?       prints help                     >       go down a staircase
 /       identify object                 <       go up a staircase
 h       left                            .       rest for a while
 j       down                            i       inventory
 k       up                              I       inventory single item
 l       right                           q       quaff potion
 y       up & left                       r       read paper
 u       up & right                      e       eat food
 b       down & left                     w       wield a weapon
 n       down & right                    W       wear armor
 H       run left                        T       take armor off
 J       run down                        P       put on ring
 K       run up                          R       remove ring
 L       run right                       d       drop object
 Y       run up & left                   c       call object
 U       run up & right                  D       recall what's been discovered
 B       run down & left                 o       examine/set options
 N       run down & right                ^L      redraw screen
 t<dir>  throw something                 ^R      repeat last message
 f<dir>  forward until find something    ^[      cancel command
 z<dir>  zap a wand in a direction       !       shell escape
 ^<dir>  identify trap type              S       save game
 s       search for trap/secret door     Q       quit


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