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 +====== Multics TECO ======
 +The [[TECO]] character-oriented text editor, famous for its powerful but arcane editing and programming language, was ported to [[Multics]] by Rick Gumpertz and Mike Grady. TECO's steep learning curve makes it unsuitable for casual users, but its command set's low dependence on control characters and non-alphanumeric characters makes it easier to use on terminals with simplified keyboards like tablets and smartphones.
 +Although Multics TECO is based on the PDP-10 version of the editor there are some minor variations in the command set.
 +===== Survival TECO =====
 +The following 4 rules and 12 commands are enough for useful basic editing of text files on Multics with TECO.
 +==== General rules ====
 +  - Invoke TECO with the command ''​teco //​filename//''​.
 +  - Commands typed into TECO are executed by pressing the dollar-sign (''​$''​) followed by the ''​Enter''​ key.
 +  - Commands don't have to be executed one-at-a-time. You can type a long series of commands followed by ''​$ Enter''​ and TECO will execute the commands in order.
 +  - TECO is character-oriented,​ so it remembers the character position of your current location in the file, called "​pointer"​. Most commands display or change the file's contents at pointer, or move pointer to another location in the file. 
 +==== Commands ====
 +//The TECO command prompt is// ''​Z''//​. TECO commands are case-insensitive.//​
 +|1.|''​eoq*''​|Save //​filename//​ specified on command line|7.|''​zj''​|Jump to end of file|
 +|2.|''​eq''​|Quit TECO (no save, use ''​eoq*''​ first)|8.|''​t''​|Type from pointer to end of line[2]|
 +|3.|''​c''​|Move character forward[1]|9.|''​i://​text//:''​|Insert //​text//​[3]|
 +|4.|''​r''​|Move character backward[1]|10.|''​d''​|Delete character at pointer[1]|
 +|5.|''​l''​|Move to beginning of next line[2]|11.|''​k''​|Delete current line[2]|
 +|6.|''​j''​|Jump to beginning of file|12.|''​s://​text//:''​|Search for //​text//​[3]|
 +[1] May insert numeric prefix to move/delete multiple characters (negative reverses direction)\\
 +[2] May insert numeric prefix to move/​type/​delete multiple lines (negative reverses direction); (''​T'',​ ''​K''​ only) prefix ''​H'':​ type/delete whole file\\
 +[3] Any character not included in //text// may be substituted for the delimiters '':''​ above
 +For more information,​ try the ''​help teco''​ command or see the TECO section in [[https://​​details/​bitsavers_honeywellm..750200.mrnone.plmsystemtools.244_14100356|Multics System Tools Program Logic Manual]].
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