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ITS and PDP-11 machines

There is great support for programming PDP-11 machines in ITS. Software tools are:

  • PALX - assembler.
  • 11STNK - linker.
  • 11SIM - simulator.
  • STUFF - write to PDP-11 memory.
  • And plethora of DDT-like debuggers, often named RUG.

On the hardware side, there is the “Rubin 10-11 Interface” made by Jack Rubin. It's a device which is mapped into PDP-10 memory space on one side, and eight Unibuses on the other. Here's a list of the attached processors:

  1. TV-11, the Knight TV controller; a PDP-11/20. See its_managing_tv11
  2. XGP-11, for the printer; a PDP-11/10.
  3. CONS, Lisp machine prototype. Also GT40 as its console.
  4. CHEOPS, chess accelerator.
  5. Logo group PDP-11/45.
  6. Micro automation PDP-11/40.
  7. Vision PDP-11/40.
  8. CHAOS-11, Chaosnet gateway for the AI PDP-10.

Some other PDP-11s on the MIT campus:

  • Ed Fredkin's GT44 / PDP-11/40.
  • The Plasma Physics Grinnel TV system attached to MIT-MC.
  • The MIT-MC front end PDP-11/40 with custom software.
  • The MIT-MC DC76 front end with custom software.
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