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 +=== Historical ITS machines ===
 +  * The AI lab PDP-6 arrived in 1964.  It never had a name per se.  It was first used standalone, but a need for timesharing resulted in ITS running in July 1967.
 +  * Next came the AI lab PDP-10 with a KA10 processor. ​ It was named AI when ITS moved to more machines.
 +  * The Dynamic Modeling group received a pre-owned PDP-6 in 1969.  It was never used much.
 +  * The DM KA10 arrived in 1970.
 +  * The Mathlab KA10 was delivered in 1971 and became operational during 1972.  It was named ML.
 +  * The Macsyma Consortium KL10 arrived in 1975 and was named MC.
 +  * In the late 1970s, the two PDP-6 machines fell into disrepair.
 +  * In the early 1980s, the three KA10 machines were shut down.
 +  * Four new KS10 machines were donated by DEC in the mid 1980s and ITS was ported. ​ They took the names AI, ML, MD, and MX.
 +  * MX and MC swapped names, and the KL10 was shipped to Sweden in 1988.
 +  * The last KS10 machines were shut down in 1990, with AI briefly making a reappearence in 1991 to send a farewell message to SAIL.
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