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ITS and the Logo programming language

ITS was host to a lot of Logo development. There are many implementations available:

  • BBN Logo for the PDP-10
  • MIT PDP-10 Logo developed from BBN Logo
  • PDP-11 Logo
  • Lisp Logo
  • General Turtle, is not available yet
  • Apple II Logo

PDP-11 Logo was the reference implementation. It ran on a PDP-11/45 with special display hardware added. There were older vector displays by Tom Knight, and newer raster displays by Ron Lebel (mostly same as the Knight TV hardware).

At first PDP-11 Logo ran on the metal, but later a timesharing system was developed. It was called SITS, or Small ITS. The initial design was similar to ITS, but later development took inspiration from MIT's PDP-1X timesharing system.

A minimal Little SITS emulator was used to run PDP-11 Logo on the General Turtle 3500 LSI-11 processor.

Hal Abelson et al wrote an interesting game using the vector displays, called Dazzle Dart. Two teams of two plays against each other, and the objective is to shine a ray of light in the opposing team's goal. The ray must reflect at least once for a goal to be scored, making it possibly the first game with ray tracing.

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