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 +=== Updating ITS' host table ===
 +ITS was used mostly in the era before DNS, when a hosts.txt file was regularly distributed to all Arpanet hosts. ​ If you want to add a new host and its IP number, you have to update ITS' host table.
 +ITS' human readable host table is in the file ''​SYSHST;​ H3TEXT >''​. ​ You update it with a regular text editor. ​ To add a new host, enter a line like ''​HOST : A.B.C.D : NAME : MACHINE : OS : :''​. ​ A.B.C.D is the IP number, and NAME is the hostname. ​ MACHINE and OS are free text descriptions.
 +Having done this, you have to update the binary host table ''​SYSBIN;​ HOSTS3 >''​ which is what programs actually use to look up host names. ​ To update this from the text file, just run '':​SYSHST;​H3MAKE''​.
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