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Games found on ITS

MacHac VI

Greenblatt's chess program. :GAMES;C displays on the 340, and :GAMES;OCM on the Knight TV.


Spacewar is mainly for the PDP-6, but there is also a timesharing version available. To run out of timesharing, start SPCWAR or WAR from DSKDMP. The latter is an older version. The timesharing version is :GAMES;SPCWAR

There are also versions for Imlac, GT40, and Knight TV.

Dazzle Dart

This is a four-player game where teams of two play against each other. A beam of light can be fired and must reflect off a surface to land in the goal to score a point. The original ran on the Logo group PDP-11/45. The PDP-6 version is .;@ DAZDRT, and a timesharing version is :GAMES;DAZDRT.


:ADVENT is the original Will Crowther cave exploration game.


Classic text adventure game set in a fantasy underground empire. Type ZORK^K to start.


First person shooter in a 3D maze. Run it with :GAMES;MAZE C.

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