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Games found on ITS

MacHac VI

Greenblatt's chess program. :GAMES;C displays on the 340, and :GAMES;OCM on the Knight TV.


Spacewar is mainly for the PDP-6, but there is also a timesharing version available. To run out of timesharing, start SPCWAR or WAR from DSKDMP. The latter is an older version. The timesharing version is :GAMES;SPCWAR

There are also versions for Imlac, GT40, and Knight TV.

Dazzle Dart

This is a four-player game where teams of two play against each other. A beam of light can be fired and must reflect off a surface to land in the goal to score a point. The original ran on the Logo group PDP-11/45. The PDP-6 version is .;@ DAZDRT, and a timesharing version is :GAMES;DAZDRT.


:ADVENT is the original Will Crowther cave exploration game.

Not yet functional games

Zork. The problem is that Zork must be compiled to fit in memory, and the compiler is missing. There are also missing libraries such as the assembler.

Maze. It expects to find character definitions from a particular location in SSV, which doesn't match the working version of SSV. Also possible display modification problem.

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