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HAUNT is an interactive fiction adventure game where you travel to a haunted house to search for treasure and then escape with your life. The game takes NSEW and UP/DOWN directions. You can also stack commands using the then connector.

     Toad-2 at Living Computers: Museum + Labs, TOPS-20 Monitor 7(110131)-1
 Welcome to the Toad-2 System running TOPS-20 at Living Computers!
 Password: unguessablewords
  Job 27 on TTY30 13-Apr-2020  7:12PM
  Previous LOGIN: 13-Apr-2020  5:40PM
  End of COMAND.CMD.1

    Along time ago, a young couple was picnicing near the woods
    on the outskirts of town.  They were celebrating the birth
    of their first child.  Unfortunately, a crazed moose inhabited that
    area and attacked them.   The child and husband were
    unharmed, but the wife was gored to death by the moose.
    After the funeral, the man bought the land where the incident occurred
    and constructed a large mansion: CHEZ MOOSE.  He filled it with
    the treasures of his family and claimed that his wife's
    soul was still in the area.  He vowed to remain in the
    mansion until he had returned her soul to human flesh.
    He tried to bridge the gap between life and death to reclaim her.
    Some say he was insane with grief, but others claimed that the madness was
    in his blood, and his wife's death brought it to the surface.
    After he entered the house, he never returned, and was declared dead 
    seven years later.  Several people have entered the mansion
    looking for him but none of them have ever returned.
    There were rumors that he and his wife now haunt the house.
    That would be the end of the story except that the house
    still stands and is filled with priceless treasures.
    The house and all its contents are willed to his only descendant.
    Oh yes, I forgot to tell you, the day the mother was killed,
    the child was stolen by Gypsies.
    The Will claims that only the descendant will know
    how to avoid going crazy and committing suicide
    while spending a night in the mansion.
    An obscure hereditary disease, Orkhisnoires sakioannes,
    is supposed to play some part in this.
    So if your heritage is in doubt, you may be the descendant that
    can claim the treasure in the mansion.
    Many people, claiming to be descendants have died trying...
     or at least never returned.
    The terms of the Will say you get to keep any treasure
    you get to the lawn, but of course you must also get off the premises alive.
    Because the house is haunted it must be destroyed, and nobody
    would be crazy enough to try and recover the rest of the treasure.
    If you do get out, the government has agreed to
    buy the land and destroy the house.
    If you are insane enough to try, your adventure starts at a bus stop.
    Remember, type STOP to end the adventure.
    We are at an intersection of two streets going n-s and e-w.
    There is a bus stop here.
    To the west a bus is pulling away from the next bus stop.
     Score = 0

     You have the following:
     We are at an intersection of two streets going n-s and e-w.
     There is a bus stop here.
     To the west a bus is pulling away from the next bus stop.
     A bus has stopped in front of us.
    *get on bus
     As you find your seat, you notice the bus is empty.
     There isn't even a driver.  But before you can change your mind,
     the bus starts up and drives away from the intersection.
     Va Vooooom!
     Looking out the window you see many intersections flash by.
     After a while the intersections get farther apart.
     The bus is now in the outskirts of town.
     The bus comes up to an old mansion with a high gate surrounding it and stops.
     A voice comes over the speaker: 'ALL OUT, END OF THE LINE.'
     You are in a bus .
     You are in a bus.  There isn't a driver and the exit doors are open.
     The bus drives off as you get off.
     To the north is a gate in a wall.
     Further north a huge mansion looms.
     Lights from inside illuminate the surrounding estate.
     The gate is inoperable, and you won't be able to open it.
     To the north is the wall that surrounds CHEZ MOOSE.
     To the south is a road.
      See you later.
      Your final score is 0
      The total possible is 440
      Hmm... I don't think you tried very hard.*quit
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