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 +====== Graffiti Wall ======
 +The **Graffiti Wall** is a communication/​socialization/​entertainment tool for vax780 users. Record messages, doodle ASCII art, spoof insults for the enlightenment,​ pleasure, or disparragement of your fellow users.
 +The system is anonymous, so sign "​graffito"​ for which you are willing to accept the blame.  ​
 +Hope to see your mark on the wall.
 +===== GRFFTI =====
 +The GRFFTI command procedure provides access to the LCM+L VAX780 Graffii Wall for communication,​ socialization,​ and entertainment.
 +  * Print all contents from the Graffiti Wall (''​GRFFTI ALL''​)
 +  * Print new content from the Graffiti Wall (''​GRFFTI NEW''​)
 +  * Post new graffito on the Graffiti Wall (''​GRFFTI [WRITE]''​)
 +  * Print this help text (''​GRFFTI HELP''​)
 +==== Set-up ====
 +To use the GRFFTI command procedure, and check for new graffito at each log-in, users should add the following lines to their LOGIN.COM file:
 +''​$ grffti :== sys$sysdevice:​[user.papa.share.grffti]grffti\\
 +$ grffti new
 +'' ​     ​
 +      ​
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