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Graffiti Wall

The Graffiti Wall is a communication/socialization/entertainment tool for vax780 users. Record messages, doodle ASCII art, spoof insults for the enlightenment, pleasure, or disparragement of your fellow users.

The system is anonymous, so sign “graffito” for which you are willing to accept the blame.

Hope to see your mark on the wall.


The GRFFTI command procedure provides access to the LCM+L VAX780 Graffii Wall for communication, socialization, and entertainment.

  • Print all contents from the Graffiti Wall (GRFFTI ALL)
  • Print new content from the Graffiti Wall (GRFFTI NEW)
  • Post new graffito on the Graffiti Wall (GRFFTI [WRITE])
  • Print this help text (GRFFTI HELP)


To use the GRFFTI command procedure, and check for new graffito at each log-in, users should add the following lines to their LOGIN.COM file:

$ grffti :== sys$sysdevice:[user.papa.share.grffti]grffti
$ grffti new

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