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 =====CP-V Operating System===== =====CP-V Operating System=====
 +**User commands**:
 +! is the command prompt for CP-V
 +CTRL-Y / ESC-Y stops a job, GO will continue it or QUIT will kill it
 +ESC-R - Reprints the current line
 +ESC-X - Deletes the current line
 +ESC-E - Toggles '​echoplex'​ (seeing what you type)
 +FL - File List
 +LIST - a Long file list (also L)
 +COPY - COPY fid1 TO fid2 (Copies fid1 to fid2)
 +       COPY fid1 INTO fid2 (Appends fid1 to fid2)
 +       COPY fid to ME (this displays the contents of a file to the screen)
 +TIME - Displays the time of day
 +TELL - Try '​TIME'​ then do 'TELL ME HELLO at (TIME)'​ where (TIME) is 2 minutes after what TIME reports
 +STATUS - Shows how much time you have used
 +T - Lists the terminal line status - !T 37 will set Teletype Model 37
 +SPLIST - Prints the spool status
 +OFF - LOGS OUT of the system while displaying a usage summary
 +**The Editor**:
 +E or EDIT a file
 +*TY - Type All LInes
 +*TY0+ - Type a screen full of lines starting at 0
 +*+ print a screen full of lines starting at the current line
 +AP - Assembly Language Processor
 +APL - A Programming Language
 +BASIC - Beginners All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
 +F77 - FORTRAN 77
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