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 ====== COBOL ====== ====== COBOL ======
 +COBOL, the COmmon Business-Oriented Language, was created by the CODASYL
 +consortium in 1959. COBOL was designed to be used for business
 +programming tasks, and, as such, the language has had little interaction
 +with, or input from, the computer science community. In fact, computer
 +scientists including Edsger Dijkstra have heavily criticised the
 +One of the design goals of the language was for COBOL programs to be
 +readable (and perhaps writable) by non-programmers,​ such as executives.
 +COBOL has, however, arguably failed at this goal. The language adopts an
 +immensely verbose syntax, but also rigid structural requirements,​ which
 +have their origins in the era of punched cards. It provides only limited
 +support for structured programming.
 +Despite its shortcomings,​ COBOL is still widely used in business and
 +government applications,​ and estimates claim that many billions of lines
 +of COBOL code (a testament to its verbosity as much as its popularity)
 +are maintained today, primarily as legacy applications.
 ===== Example ===== ===== Example =====
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