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Welcome to the Living Computer Museum's Wiki Page!

¬°Bienvenidos al Wiki del LCM!

Below you will find information on the Computers available over the Internet from the LCM through ssh.

To request a login, visit
Note that you may need to disable your ad blocker to be able to submit this form.

Once you have a login, you may connect to the host using:


Where host is the name of the host you wish to connect to (refer to the list below). This will connect you across a telnet bridge to the host. You will then be prompted to log in with the account you have been granted.

Alternatively you can also connect to our menu system to springboard to all public hosts using:




Model: KL-10 2065
OS: TOPS-10 v7.04 (TOPS-10 Survival Guide)
Host: dec-10


Model: KL-10 1095
Host: waits


Model: KI-10 1090
OS: TOPS-10 v6.03A (TOPS-10 Survival Guide)
Host: ki587


Model: KS-10
OS: ITS 1648 (ITS Survival Guide)
Host: lc


Model: 6500
OS: NOS 1.3
Host: cdc6500

The Living Computer Museum is home to the world's only operating CDC 65001). Originally built in 1967 then retired to storage in 1989, restoration on the LCM's CDC 6500 began in 20132). Principle engineer Bruce Sherry continues the ongoing work of restoration along with others, managing the vast array of unique hardware and software required to bring the CDC 6500 experience to a whole new generation.

Using the CDC 6500 is, for many, a new and daunting experience. A survival guide has been created that covers the basics of the operating system, editors, and programming environments available on the LCM's CDC 6500.

Xerox XDS

Model: Sigma 9
Host: sigma9


Model: TOAD-2
Host: toad2a



Model: 3B2 1000-70
OS: UNIX System V3.2.3
Host: lcm3b2


Model: PDP-11, decdatasystems 11/570
Host: pdp1170

Model: PDP-8/e
Host: tss8

Model: VAX-7000/640
OS: OpenVMS V7.3
Host: vax7000

Model: VAX-11/730
OS: 4.3BSD
Host: vax730

Model: VAX-11/780-5
OS: Research UNIX 8th Edition
Host: vax785

from left to right: the vax7000, vax730 and vax785

Model: AlphaServer AS-1000
OS: TRU64 v5.0
Host: truly

Hewlett Packard

Model: K266
OS: HP/UX 10.20
Host: oz

IBM 4300 Series

Model: 4361
OS: VM/SP Release 5
Connect: Use a 3270 terminal emulator to connect to host port 24.

Note: As of September 2019, the IBM 4361 is online and remotely accessible, but due to space limitations in the computer room it is not currently on public display.

A VM/CMS Survival Guide exists to guide the first time user of the IBM mainframe environment.

IBM 4361, two 3278-2a console terminals, and a 3203 printer


Model: 7/32
OS: UNIX 6th Edition

Simulated Systems


Model: DEC KS-2020
OS: TYMCOM-X from Tymshare
Simulator: SIMH PDP10


Model: 6180
OS: Multics MR12.6e
Host: multics
Simulator: DPS8M
> read more

Watch Living Computers Multics system boot for the first time. The panel is real hardware originally used at the University of Michigan and interfaced to the simulated Honeywell 6180.


Model: PDP-6 sn 4
OS: ITS 1648
Host: its

Programming Languages

Machine and Operating Systems

a list of remotely accessible systems at LCM+L

Hostname Operating System Machine Hardware
multics Multics MR12.6f Honeywell 6180
toad-2 TOPS-20 7(110131)-1 XKL TOAD-1
sigma9 CP-V C00 XDS Sigma-9
cdc6500 NOS 1.3 CDC-6500
lc ITS ver 1648 PDP-6 sn 4
ka175 TOPS-10 6.03a KA10 1050
kl2065 TOPS-10 7.04 KL10 2065
rosenkrantz OpenVMS 7.3 VAX 7000-640
bitzone NetBSD BBS AMD64
misspiggy UNIX v7 PDP-11/70
zippy UNIX v8 VAX-11/780-5
lcm3b2 UNIX SVR3.2.3 AT&T 3B2/1000-70
guildenstern BSD 4.3 VAX-11/730
snake BSD 2.11 PDP-11/84
oz HP/UX HP9000/K266
truly Tru64 Alpha AS1000
macready ULTRIX PDP-11/84

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